Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ahead of Schedule !!!

Ouwangalaymah! Part Duh, is ahead of schedule!!!
That's right, I'll have the second issue ready before the end of the year. One page left to color, one more to pencil and ink. Thought you might like a sneak peak.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

four new pages over the weekend

Well if I keep it up at this pace, Ouwangalaymah part 2 will be finished on time. I hope to find table space at Wondercon in April to premier book 2 along with our "8, A Kids Anthology"
the Steampunk Anthology and of coarse book one. Hope you enjoy the four pages Finished this weekend!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

page 13 done!

With the eight page prolog finished for the Anthology ,It's back to work on Ouwangalaymah! 2.
Finished this yesterday and got the inks& basic color down for page 14. Hope to have book two finished by Feb. At any rate, progress is being made!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaping Lemurs!

I thought this fit this weeks IF Theme Acrobat. 

It's about to get exciting! A scene I've been dying to get to for a couple of years is next! 
I'm calling it Yofti's rampage. It's no secret that I've patterned Yofti after our 5 year old James Bradley.
 Rambunctious and impulsive, Yafti is lead by is inclinations. Coming to terms with his obstreperous
behavior is central to the theme of this "Tail" This is a rough ink that will lead into a two page spread that will be similar to the banner of the blog. Hold on to your hats! 
Yofti is about to go for a ride!  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A glimpse at the progress of book 2

With issue #1 at the printer now, I wanted to give you a peak at what I've got going for issue #2.
Here are a few samples of some finished work for the book;

With the advice of fellow artists I am trying to discipline myself to finnish thumb-nailing from here on out. I'm finding that it does help with the continuity and flow of the story. While I'm thumb-nailing, I'm rewriting the text quite often too. My mind is so occupied during this faze that I can't listen to my favorite podcasts, and even music can be a distraction. It is such a focused and taxing process that I need to take a brief nap every once and a while. The story is the hardest part of what we do. It should be. If the story falls apart we end up with a lot of worthless eye candy. So, here are a few pencils and a bit of inking that i've accomplished in the last few weeks.
Here is a side by side comparison of a penciled page, and an inked page ready for color. I've been fiddling with fonts lately as well trying to find just the right one. I really like this Amazona Font that i found. Readable, with just the right amount of cartoony.
A couple more showing the difficulty I have with staying with the thumb-nailing. I always seem to start inking again. It is my favorite part of the process. So, thumb-nailing is slow for me, but still progress is being made, and I hope to have Book 2  completed and ready for Wondercon next April. 
Thanks for stopping by and having a look!  And please check out soon for the Premiere issue #1!

Friday, March 19, 2010

IF Expired

From Ouwangalaymah! book one

Saturday, March 13, 2010

IF subterranean

Thought this page from book two would work for this weeks topic.
thanks for having a look!

And so the story begins!

The first 32 page issue of my kids comic is now finished.

and soon will be available through for anyone who would like a print on demand full size copy, and to retailers through 
I have a few small hand bound mini versions 4"x5" signed, with a original sketch in each.  I will be making these available through soon so if you are interested in picking one up for just  $5.50 there are only 18 check it out.  
Thanks for visiting and check back soon!