Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaping Lemurs!

I thought this fit this weeks IF Theme Acrobat. 

It's about to get exciting! A scene I've been dying to get to for a couple of years is next! 
I'm calling it Yofti's rampage. It's no secret that I've patterned Yofti after our 5 year old James Bradley.
 Rambunctious and impulsive, Yafti is lead by is inclinations. Coming to terms with his obstreperous
behavior is central to the theme of this "Tail" This is a rough ink that will lead into a two page spread that will be similar to the banner of the blog. Hold on to your hats! 
Yofti is about to go for a ride!  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A glimpse at the progress of book 2

With issue #1 at the printer now, I wanted to give you a peak at what I've got going for issue #2.
Here are a few samples of some finished work for the book;

With the advice of fellow artists I am trying to discipline myself to finnish thumb-nailing from here on out. I'm finding that it does help with the continuity and flow of the story. While I'm thumb-nailing, I'm rewriting the text quite often too. My mind is so occupied during this faze that I can't listen to my favorite podcasts, and even music can be a distraction. It is such a focused and taxing process that I need to take a brief nap every once and a while. The story is the hardest part of what we do. It should be. If the story falls apart we end up with a lot of worthless eye candy. So, here are a few pencils and a bit of inking that i've accomplished in the last few weeks.
Here is a side by side comparison of a penciled page, and an inked page ready for color. I've been fiddling with fonts lately as well trying to find just the right one. I really like this Amazona Font that i found. Readable, with just the right amount of cartoony.
A couple more showing the difficulty I have with staying with the thumb-nailing. I always seem to start inking again. It is my favorite part of the process. So, thumb-nailing is slow for me, but still progress is being made, and I hope to have Book 2  completed and ready for Wondercon next April. 
Thanks for stopping by and having a look!  And please check out soon for the Premiere issue #1!