Monday, April 4, 2011


Wondercon was a BLAST! and I would like to thank everyone who stopped by the table to chat. And a most humble and appreciative Thank you Thank you Thank you to all those who bought my books! I hope that you enjoy them and I promise to get busy right away on finishing #3.

Over the course of the weekend, I had many stimulating conversations with individuals, several centering on the fact that in public schools, art programs are disappearing. one valiant woman, post retirement age, is trying to stick it out and battle her local bay area school boards for the meager programs that they have. the room that she has to teach is not even equipped with a sink! Crayons, Recycled paper, pens paper & glue, the meager supplies that she does have are donated of provided by the parents and a few well meaning individuals. She is afraid to retire because there is no one else to continue the fight. She knows with here leaving there would be no art programs at all.

Perhaps there is some way in which we all can help by being aware of the plight of the arts in the schools. An artless society is an empty society. It's like opening our own chest to sell our hearts for the meat. we home school our sons so I can assure you it is an artistically rich environment. Perhaps that is the way our hearts can be saved by ensuring that we as individuals and families make place every day to enrich our lives through the arts.

APE is in October! 1st & 2nd. I do hope to see you there! We should have #3 ready by then. Take care and thanks again for READING!!! :o)

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