Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Signing At Atlantis Fantasy World in Santa Cruz This week end!

I've been Silent, but I've been busy. Busy trying to finish #3 before the 9th. I have been invited to a signing By Joe Ferrara owner of Atlantis Fantasy World. Eisner winning, Sprit of Comics Retailer of the year winner. I had the pleasure of meeting Joe at Wondercon in April and I am so happy to be asked to the siging. I hope to have 20 copies of Ouwanga #2.  Ka-Blam is really busy right now, but I have faith in them. plus I will have a few of #1 and the last six copies of 8, A Steampunk Anthology available along with some free stuff too. I hope you can come out & say Hi.  I'll be about 7 or 8 pages short of finishing, but I will have with me a rough home run copy of # 3 for anyone that wants to see the progress so far. It will be finished and available at APE in October. For now here is a sample from #3.
Hope to see you in Santa Cruz!      


  1. Have a great time in Santa Cruz. I'm envious that I can't head over there. After the signing, you should cruise the boardwalk(forgive the pun) and get a corn dog!

  2. Thanks Aaron! I had a blast! I've got to put a post together soon about the experience. Sorry I missed your comment. I need to keep up with my blog better. I wanted to stop by the board walk but I didn't have the time. I really enjoyed the drive there & back though.